About Alderney Roots

Alderney Roots

We are a market garden situated at Le Grand Val (next to the airport). We offer an environmentally conscious alternative to store-bought fruit and veg. Our produce is locally grown, high quality and chemical-free.

We run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme where subscribers benefit from a weekly veg box delivery as well as delivering twice weekly to local restaurants and shops.

Meet Rosie and Sam

Rosie and Sam are a dynamic duo fueled by a shared passion for producing high-quality organic vegetables for their local community. With Rosie’s green thumb and Sam’s culinary expertise as a chef, they make the perfect team.

Rosie’s dedication to sustainable farming practices ensures that their produce is grown without harmful chemicals, prioritizing the health of both islanders and the island itself. Meanwhile, Sam’s background in the kitchen gives him a profound understanding of the importance of fresh vegetables in creating delicious, nutritious meals. Together, they strive to deliver the freshest organic vegetables possible to their neighbors, knowing that every bite supports local agriculture and promotes healthier eating habits.

Their commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in every leafy green and vibrant root vegetable they produce, making them beloved figures in their community.

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