What’s in the Box? Autumn | 7th Oct 2023

Salad Mix | Stir Fry Mix | Kale Mix Garlic | Beetroot | Carrots | Rocket | Baby Parsnip / Parsnip

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week

Stir Fry Mix

New to the Alderney Roots boxes, this Stir Fry Mix is packed with goodness, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. There are multiple ways to use this pack, from a simple stir fry to a more intricate Asian sweet and sour stir fry with pork. The greens in your pack require minimal cooking and taste fresh and delicious, whichever way you choose to use them. They are so tender you can even enjoy them raw in salads or soups. And if you’re a fan of ramen, they make a fantastic addition – a family favorite of ours!


Some of you will find regular-sized parsnips in your box today, while others will find a bunch of baby parsnips. If you have the smaller ‘snips, give them a gentle roast or a quick pan fry for the best results. No need to peel these little ones; they’re naturally tender and bursting with flavor just as they are.

News from the Farm

As we embrace Autumn’s arrival, life at the farm becomes a delicate balancing act. We bid farewell to our summer crops and eagerly await the autumn and winter varieties. We are looking forward to sharing new additions like cauliflower, red cabbage, leeks, fennel, Brussels sprouts, spinach, aubergine, dill, and coriander. However, we’ve also weathered our share of challenges over the last few months that are having a knock-on effect this season. High winds took a toll on our squash, though we’re still hoping our butternut squash will pull through. Unfortunately, swede seeds didn’t sprout this year, and our onions faced a challenge. Sown from seed without sets, they battled the weeds and only grew to salad onion size. A big thank you to all our volunteers for helping us salvage what we could! We’re committed to learning and growing with each passing year and want to say a huge thank you for joining us on this journey!

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