What’s in the Box? Spring | 9th Jun 2023

Spinach | Little Gem | Salad Mix | Green Garlic | Cavolo Nero Rainbow Chard | Salad Potato | Baby Carrot | Beetroot

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week: Baby Carrot

We’ve included these delicious baby carrots in this weeks box for two reasons:

The first, simply because they are sweet and juicy and everything a carrot should be – just in miniature! The second, because we are growing these in our polytunnel around our tomatos and they are now shading the toms a little too much, so they need to step aside and let the tomatos have their day! We recommend eating the carrots raw or sautéed super lightly. Take care not to over boil or steam as they will quickly over-cook and they are SO much better with a little crunch.

News from the Farm

We wanted to be totally transparent on a couple of issues we are facing at the farm. The first is a bad case of blight which has affected the entirety of our potato crop. We are hoping that we will be able to harvest what we have in time to see us through the spring and beginning of summer, however, harvesting this early means that the crop will be smaller and some of the potatoes will also be smaller in size. We do have a second planting that will come through end of July, so fingers crossed these guys make it through unscathed.

The second issue is that of packaging. Those who have been with us from the start will have noticed we have switched to a bog-standard plastic bag instead of our compostable packaging we were using in ‘22. There are two reasons for this – the first is cost. The price of our compostable packaging has skyrocketed and it now costs us around 30p per bag which is unfortunately just too much to justify. The second reason is quality – we had a lot of wastage with the compostable bags as they were constantly splitting due to moisture from the salads. So, for now we are back to plastic (which is recyclable with your plastic waste). If you have any ideas on eco-conscious packaging at cost effective prices please do let us know, as at the moment we are stumped!

In happier news, it’s two days ‘til Farm-To-Box! Make sure to come down on Sunday for our open day. See poster attached to this email for more details. If you want to come up earlier, lend a hand with some weeding / planting, you can volunteer in exchange for a voucher for 20% off food from The Box. Volunteering from 11am. Box food from 1pm.

Share your snaps with us!

We’d love to see any snaps or vids of your Alderney Roots veg in action – either via social media or email. Tag us using #AlderneyRoots, @alderney_roots or email info@alderneyroots.com

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