What’s in the Box? Summer | 22th Sept 2023

Salad Mix | Cucumber | Cherry Tomato | Heirloom Tomato Garlic | Rainbow Chard | Broccoli | Radish | Basil

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week: Broccoli

Broccoli has earned a spot on the infamous “dirty dozen” list, typically comprising 12 veggies you’d want to be wary about when purchasing from shops due to their tendency to harbor harmful chemicals. But, you can rest easy with our broccoli, as it’s 100% free from any chemicals and brimming with nutrients.

This versatile veggie makes for the perfect side dish or a fantastic addition to your stir-fry creations. Try this Black Bean and Broccoli Stir Fry from Riverford, and don’t forget to savor the stalks and leaves – in our humble opinion, they’re the best part!

News from the Farm

We’re here with a quick update – Alderney Roots is going on tour! But don’t worry; it’s not all relaxation and downtime; we’ve got some exciting plans on the horizon.

First up, we’re thrilled to have been invited to speak at the ReGen Agriculture show in Jersey. We’ll be part of a panel discussion titled “Cultivating Success: Exploring Business Opportunities, Practical Insights, and Market Pathways for Small-Scale Meat and Vegetable Farmers.” Very fancy. We’ll be proudly sharing our enthusiasm for our incredible CSA subscribers! Make sure to follow us on instagram for updates and pictures!

After that, we’re off to visit a biodynamic farm in West Sussex. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to learn more about scaling up, as we explore their impressive 20-acre farm. Going Tractor-scale is something we’re eager to plan for at Alderney Roots in the coming years, so we are hoping for some inspiration!

So, with that being said… our boxes will be delivered on Thursday the 28th September and Saturday the 7th, weather permitting, as long as we manage to make it back to the island on schedule! We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to share our newfound knowledge and experiences with you when we return.

Share your snaps with us!

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