What’s in the Box? Summer | 8th Sept 2023

Salad Mix | Marrow | Cherry Tomato | Heirloom Tomato | French Bean | Beetroot | Cavolo Nero | Cucumber

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week

Often underestimated and occasionally labeled as “bland”, we’ve come to appreciate its potential in dishes like baked in a creamy white sauce and as a stuffed creation. Not forgetting marrow chutney, a definite favorite of ours. You can find the recipe here.

What exactly is a marrow, you ask? Well, it’s essentially a courgette that’s been given the time to grow a bit longer on the plant. This extra time results in creamy flesh that pairs beautifully with robust flavors, as seen in the recipes above and below. As a little tip, we’ve found that the chutney reaches its peak flavor when allowed to mature for at least two weeks before eating.

But what’s really exciting us at the moment is Marrow curry. Start by halving your marrow lengthwise, and then halve it again to create quarters. Cut along the middle and discard the squishy seedy part. Use the outer flesh to create wedges about 2 inches thick. Rub the marrow with spices, such as Madras powder or curry powder, along with olive oil and salt. Then roast it in the oven at 180°C for about an hour. This process removes excess moisture, leaving you with a firm yet tender and fleshy vegetable to add to a curry sauce or incorporate into a biryani- style dish with rice

Other Ideas for Curry Night

If you’re in need of some inspiration for dishes to complement your marrow curry, consider trying one of the following recipes, all of which incorporate ingredients from your box:

  • Cavolo Nero/Beet Leaf Sag Aloo
  • Fresh Tomato Curry
  • Gujarati Green Beans
  • Beetroot, Chickpea and Coconut Curry

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