What’s in the Box? Winter | 1st Dec 2023

Salad Mix | Cavolo Nero | Coriander Pot | Fennel Rocket | Leeks | Garlic | Parsnips

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week: Cooriander

Today, we’re diving into what you can do with your coriander. Beyond the obvious recipes like curries, soups, and Asian dishes, there are some not-so- obvious choices. Try this beautiful Masala Mussels dish or this super tasty Coriander Chicken – both easy and delicious!

Winding Down

Can you believe it? We’re on the home stretch with only four boxes left before the end of the ’23 season. We are happy to know we are going to be able to fulfil 32 boxes this year as planned, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. We’ve had significant setbacks this year, losing squash, onions, and carrots but we recognise that this is part and parcel of running a market garden. Despite these challenges, we’re really looking forward to including Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and microgreens in the remaining boxes. It’s all part of managing a diverse vegetable offering on the farm!

Looking Ahead

On a more positive note, we’re gearing up for 2024 on the farm! We’re about to order a hefty amount of seeds ready to go in the ground. Exciting plans include planting over 200 strawberry plants and clearing a whole extra polytunnel for aubergines, cucumber and more varieties of tomato next year. There’s so much more in the pipeline, and we’re forever grateful for your support.

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