What’s in the Box? Autumn | 24th Nov 2023

Salad Mix | Red & Green Kale, Cavolo Nero | Coriander Pot Fennel | Spinach | Baby Leeks | Red Cabbage

*Please wash all veg before eating!

Veggie of the Week

Red cabbage takes the spotlight as our veggie of the week! We thoroughly enjoyed packing this into your boxes this morning — the colours were very autumnal! We’re big fans of simple sauerkraut or German Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage. This recipe, in particular, is delicious, and what we love is that you can add to it if you feel like making a more festive version with apple, onion, or roasted chestnut.

Compost – Co-op

We’re exploring the possibility of starting a composting community on Alderney and would love your feedback on whether you’d be interested in a compost cooperative. Our idea is to collect your kitchen waste, such as peelings and vegetable offcuts, from your doorstep when we deliver your boxes. This waste would then be added to our compost heaps at the farm, eventually enriching the soil we use to grow your vegetables. Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in. We understand that many of you might already have your own compost at home, so no worries if you’re already compostly- sorted.

Box-Back Appeal!!

A heartfelt request – please bring your wooden boxes back to the farm if they’re lingering in a shed or have become the recycling vessel! We’re missing over half of our wooden crates, which means we’re resorting to the plastic crates which are really tricky to stack and lead to more damaged precious goods. So, pretty please with carrots on top, check to see if you have any wooden lurkers and deliver them to us at the farm. Massive thank you!

Share your snaps with us!

We’d love to see any snaps or vids of your Alderney Roots veg in action – either via social media or email. Tag us using #AlderneyRoots, @alderney_roots or email info@alderneyroots.com

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